Merger Of Respected Forensic Science Companies Will Create Forensic Services ‘Powerhouse’

Forensic Access and ArroGen Forensics have agreed to merge their operations to create a powerhouse of high quality forensic support for police and legal teams, and forensic science providers who need additional capacity and cutting-edge specialist skills. The merger process and senior appointments for the new company ‘Forensic Access Limited’, are expected to be finalised by the end of April.

Download The Forensic Access / ArroGen Forensics Merger Press Release

Forensic Access has been at the heart of UK forensic science for more than 30 years. The company was established in 1986, in the wake of some high-profile miscarriages of justice that involved forensic science. The company’s mission was to provide expert scientific advice for defence lawyers struggling to find the appropriate level of scientific expertise for court, and second opinions for police and prosecutors in cases of scientific uncertainty or concern. The twin areas of focus were expert forensic critique and technical assistance in individual cases, providing safe and sustainable forensic science evidence.

In 1997, Forensic Access created Forensic Alliance, specifically to provide support to police and law enforcement agencies. Forensic Alliance was instrumental in transforming the speed, cost and quality of forensic testing, helping to solve many of the UK’s most high profile and complex cases. More recently, Forensic Access has also established an internationally accredited forensic proficiency testing service to assist with the drive for improved quality standards in the industry.

ArroGen has also carved out an important niche for itself in the forensic science world, initially focusing on specialist areas such as forensic entomology in conjunction with forensic archaeology and anthropology. ArroGen has since developed accredited services in both firearms and footwear and is now the only independent forensic company that provides accredited fingerprint enhancement services from its specialist laboratory.

ArroGen built its reputation on the quality and responsiveness of its services, reflected in some of the prestige contracts it now enjoys. It continues to develop new services and now runs the only veterinary forensics service in the UK in conjunction with Surrey University.

Together, Forensic Access and ArroGen will be able to provide a broader range of internationally accredited forensic services, a richer portfolio of specialist skills including in medical and veterinary fields, and important proficiency testing and other quality accreditation support services to improve confidence both in forensics, but also in criminal justice more generally.

Professor Angela Gallop, Forensic Access’s Founder and CEO, commented “Like all technology-based industries, forensic science has undergone enormous change in recent times. It’s important that service providers embrace new opportunities and innovations but apply them in a safe and enduring way. This is precisely what this merger aims to support, and we are delighted to be a part of it”.

John Owen, ArroGen’s MD, said “Both companies have excellent people and a similar culture – geared to delivering the highest quality forensic science and customer service. We will complement each other in many areas and the merger will enhance our joint capabilities, providing greater resilience and giving us the critical mass to develop new opportunities to sustain and grow the business.


For further information, please contact:

Dr Angela Gallop, Forensic Access Limited
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 774870

Download The Forensic Access / ArroGen Forensics Merger Press Release