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To give you maximum flexibility in how you wish to use proficiency tests, we offer two options: “Scheduled” and “On-Demand”.

Scheduled Rounds

Our Scheduled Rounds are ideal for organisations wishing to take part in “Inter-Laboratory comparisons”. The Rounds are announced in advance of the Scheduled Round Start Date, for pre-order, with a date stated by which orders must be received. The kits are shipped after sales close and we ask for the results to be reported to us within a fixed timescale (usually 4 to 6 weeks) of the kits being shipped. We report back to you, on your results, within the stated timescale. We will then collate the results of all participants and send out a final report showing the results of all participants as an Inter-Laboratory Report (ILC) (completely anonymised).

On-Demand Rounds

For those customers who require more flexibility, we are pleased to offer an “On-Demand” service. Our On-Demand Proficiency Test kits are ideal for organisations who want to use them for internal training, internal testing of competency, etc. but without having to adhere to a fixed timetable.

Once a Scheduled Round is closed for sale, the kits are available to purchase “On-Demand” at our customers convenience.

We report any returned results as we would do for the Scheduled Rounds, and, if possible, also supply the equivalent Inter-Laboratory Comparison Report from that Scheduled Round.

Both services include the same quality products, full interpretative assessment of your results and a personally tailored results package.