The Forensic Science Regulator has published her latest Newsletter, which includes articles on the following:

  • Issues with Forensic Toxicology
  • Criminal Practice Directions
  • Code of Conduct for Forensic Science Practitioners
  • Access to Exhibits
  • Sample Integrity and Contamination Avoidance
  • Item Loss
  • Potential for Funded Training Places
  • Fingerprints
  • International Standards Committee on Conformity Assessment
  • International Standards ISO Technical Committee 272
  • Regulator’s Annual Conference
  • Listing of Assistants
  • ForSci
  • Consultations
  • Publications
  • Events of Interest

In the covering email Dr Tully includes the following:

The Forensic Science Regulator’s newsletter is now published at

The Regulator would like to draw your attention to the following:

  1. Changes in October last year the Criminal Practice Directions (CPD) introduced a new Part 19B, setting out declarations that must be incorporated into an expert witness report (excludes level 1 staged forensic report). The current version of the CPD can be found at:  
  2. The following Consultations are currently live:

Mixture Interpretation Guidance

Mixture Software Validation Guidance

Both consultations close 05 November 2017.

BS ENISO 21043 -1 – consultation closes 6 October

BS ENISO 21043-2  – consultation closes 10 October