FPTS is Changing…

In light of our recent merger, we have been undergoing a period of review of FPTS services and we are pleased to now be in a position to inform you of our plans for the months ahead.

General Changes

We are no longer offering an ‘On Demand’ service, but instead will be moving to a fixed timetable of ‘Scheduled’ rounds, the dates for which will be published and tests available for purchase via our website well in advance. We hope that this change will enable you to better plan your participation in our schemes, will generate larger datasets for our Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) reports, and at the same time, will enable us to focus on improved service delivery.

We are withdrawing some of the ‘Pilot’ schemes, and further developing others, to reflect both demand and customer feedback from the pilot phase.

Forensic Biology Schemes

We are extremely proud of our Body Fluid Search and Identification Scheme, which was the first of our schemes to be accredited to ISO 17043 in November 2017. We will be continuing to deliver this scheme, moving to a 6-monthly cycle of ‘Scheduled’ rounds commencing in October 2018.

Please note: our proficiency tests can now be used in place of those you might currently be purchasing from FINDS, who have confirmed to us that they now have no minimum requirement for participation in their scheme.

Whilst the Forensic Biology proficiency tests will no longer be available to purchase ‘On Demand’, we are still delighted to offer bespoke projects which can be designed and costed on a case-by-case basis in accordance with your exact needs. In addition to proficiency tests, we can assist you with producing training, competency and validation materials. Please contact us for more information.

Digital Forensics Schemes

We continue to receive high levels of interest and very positive feedback in relation to our Computer Hard Drive and Mobile Phone Data Extraction schemes. In response to your comments, we intend to continue to provide both of these schemes, with some exciting further developments in the coming months.

Our Computer Hard Drive scheme will move to a ‘Windows’ platform and will be delivered on a 6-monthly cycle commencing in November 2018. Due to the finite number of units available, each round will be strictly limited to 30 participants so please take note of the round dates and order in advance to avoid disappointment. Should demand exceed 60 units per year, we will look to introduce additional rounds.

In response to overwhelming feedback, our Mobile Phone Data Extraction scheme will be further developed to include provision of a basic handset to enable you to fully test your end-to-end processes. Whilst we are confident that we have ‘cracked’ the technical challenges inherent in producing identical handsets for all participants, this scheme is still undergoing development and the exact date for release is yet to be confirmed. However, we anticipate that this will be sometime during late 2018 / early 2019. Please sign up to our mailing list and register your interest to be kept informed.

Other Schemes

We have taken the decision to suspend provision of the Fingerprint Comparison and Footwear Coding schemes at the present time. We have also decided to place on hold our plans to develop additional proficiency test schemes, such as Marks Enhancement.

However, we may be able to assist with bespoke projects provided we have the expertise to design and deliver these (for example, we recently designed and produced a Firearms Classification proficiency test for a Police customer). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

And Finally….

We would like to thank all of our customers and supporters who have helped to establish FPTS as a leading, accredited provider of proficiency tests to the UK forensic market. If you would like to find out more about FPTS, to provide us with feedback on our services, or to explore the ways in which we can help you with provision of proficiency testing, training, competency and validation materials, please contact us on the details below
Please note our change of address:
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