The first multi-disciplinary proficiency testing service designed by UK forensic scientists for forensic scientists

Forensic Access, at the heart of UK forensic science since 1986, is pleased to offer the products and services of Forensic Proficiency Testing Services to support all forensic science practitioners world-wide.

Proficiency Testing is a requirement of both ISO/IEC 17025 and the UK’s Forensic Science Regulator’s Codes of Practice. To both achieve and maintain accreditation providers (whether they be Police forces, large or small independent or commercial providers) need to clearly demonstrate that they have a robust and regular proficiency testing program in place.

The products and services offered by Forensic Proficiency Testing Services are designed by forensic scientists for forensic scientists.

Quality Accredited Forensic Proficiency Tests

In November 2017 we were awarded accreditation to “ISO/IEC 17043:2010 Conformity assessment — General requirements for proficiency testing” for our Biological Materials Scheme (for identification of blood, semen and saliva on swatches of material and exhibits). You can see the scope of the accreditation on the UKAS website: Forensic Proficiency Testing Services ISO 17043 Accreditation.

Forensic Access has been accredited to ISO /IEC 17025 since 2010 and ISO 9001 since 2004.

We are pleased to offer our forensic proficiency tests around the World. Please contact us if you are outside the UK and wish to place an order.

The Forensic Proficiency Testing Services kits are:


Designed, produced and the results assessed by UK forensic scientists


In-tune with UK forensic practices


Designed to offer credible and realistic tests reflecting real forensic casework


To be produced across a wide range of forensic sciences disciplines


Tailored to your needs: tests for a wide range of forensic disciplines to be offered in Scheduled and On-Demand Schemes


Available for purchase online from this website

How To Buy Our Proficiency Testing Schemes

We are offer proficiency testing kits for several forensic science disciplines. Our Body Fluids Identification Scheme is accredited to ISO/IEC 17053. Other disciplines are offered as “Pilots” at discounted prices.

All of our Proficiency Testing Schemes are available online, through this website. Just click on the “Browse Our Proficiency Tests” links on these pages to be taken to the list of Schemes currently available.

To provide you with maximum flexibility we offer our Schemes in two different rounds: Scheduled and On-Demand.



Our Scheduled Rounds are ideal for organisations wishing to take part in “Inter-Laboratory comparisons”. The Rounds are announced in advance of the Scheduled Round Start Date, for pre-order, with a date stated by which orders must be received. The kits are shipped after sales close and we ask for the results to be reported to us within a fixed timescale (usually 4 to 6 weeks) of the kits being shipped. We report back to you, on your results, within the stated timescale. We will then collate the results of all participants and send out a final report showing the results of all participants as an Inter-Laboratory Report (ILC) (completely anonymised).

On Demand

For those customers who require more flexibility, we are pleased to offer an “On-Demand” service. Our On-Demand Proficiency Test kits are ideal for organisations who want to use them for internal training, internal testing of competency, etc. but without having to adhere to a fixed timetable.

Once a Scheduled Round is closed for sale, the kits are available to purchase “On-Demand” at our customers convenience.

We report any returned results as we would do for the Scheduled Rounds, and, if possible, also supply the equivalent Inter-Laboratory Comparison Report from that Scheduled Round.

Both services include the same quality products, full interpretative assessment of your results and a personally tailored results package.

Please contact us if you are outside the UK and wish to place an order


Our Forensic Proficiency Testing Services will operate within Forensic Access but inside very carefully defined “firewalls” to ensure absolute security and confidentiality of our customers and their results. The identity of customers will be kept confidential to only a small number of dedicated administrators with our forensic specialists only ever seeing a customer identified by a code. This will ensure complete anonymity of all participants, providing assurance that your proficiency test results are entirely separated from our other business. As a fundamental part of the process this has been assessed (and will be part of future audits) as part of our ISO / IEC 17043 UKAS assessment.

FPTS Mailing List & Contact Details

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If you have any questions please contact us:


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